2019 Challenge to be announced at a future date!

Challenge: Louise Morris, 2018 Challenge Travel Agent

  • The 2018 Challenge, “Want to get away?”, will lure you on a “fabric-ulous” trip by creating travel posters of a favorite city, state, region, e.g., Amalfi Coast, New England, or province or country of your choice.
  • The rules are very simple:
  • The poster is to measure 18″ x 24″ and may be oriented horizontally or vertically.
  • It must include the name of the locale prominently, somewhere in the poster. This can be done with fused, raw edge appliqué, or any other method you choose.
  • The poster can feature a single image, recognizable to your chosen locale, or multiple images, think: the famous landmarks of Paris, or it could also feature a city’s skyline.
  • It must be an original piece for obvious copyright considerations.
  • It can have a little quilting or a lot and you can use any fabrics or embellishments you like.
  • Show where you’ve been or where you would love to go! Get creative, stretch your imagination, have fun!
  • Of course, as you may have guessed, there will be great travel related prizes awarded to the top three posters, chosen by our panel of impartial judges, however, the aforementioned “great travel related prizes” will not include you needing to pack a suitcase.