2017 Guild Quilt Challenge
Cindy Holten, Coordinator

Theme: Get Your Mojo-Show Our Logo
Our guild was founded in 1984, but it took a few years after that before both the “Bits ‘n’ Pieces” name and the calico quarter fan logo were established. Then in 2013, the guild elected to modernize the logo and Wendy Richard’s son, Alex, redesigned it using rich colors, clean-lines, and a simple font.  From that design, Mary Ann Anderson made a logo quilt in beautiful batiks that is now displayed at the entrance of our quilt shows.  In 2016, we celebrated our 10th Fanfare of Quilts.  In 2018, let’s celebrate our many years of this FANtastic quilt guild by showing off our logo.

Sign up begins February 28, 2017.

  1. The maximum size of the quilt can be up to 40” in width and/or length.
  2. There must be a minimum of one flat-edge style quarter fan, and be made of fabrics in the approximate six colors and in the same placement as in our Logo.
  3. Any additional fans can be any style and any color, but the “Logo Fan” must be dominant.
  4. The quilt must be made just for this challenge, and must never have been previously entered in a challenge or show.
  5. Your challenge quilt must be finished and have a hanging sleeve and a label, and be enclosed in a pillowcase with your name on the front.
  6. When your challenge quilt is finished, you must complete a 2018 Quilt Show Registration form, attach a photo of your quilt to the form, and return it to the designated box on the Challenge table. Only ONE entry per member.

At the Challenge Table there will be:  1) a Challenge Quilt Sign Up sheet;  2) a Color Chart of “Logo” colors, 3) copies of the 2018 Quilt Show Registration Forms (also on our website).

    October 24, 2017—Date of the Guild Challenge Quilt Reveal.
  • All Challenge Quilts must be finished, labeled, with measurement taped to label, have a hanging sleeve, be in a pillowcase with just your name on the front, and be dropped off at the Salem Church by 5:00 pm.
  • All qualifying Challenge Quilts will be displayed and voted on by the members. There will be prizes and ribbons given to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.
  • March 2018—All qualifying Challenge Quilts will be displayed at our 2018 Fanfare of Quilts Show.

So Get Your Mojo, Show Our Logo, and have FUN!

Print the Logo Color Samples