UFO Competition

A UFO is an unfinished quilting project. To encourage our members to finish projects, the guild has a yearly competition to see who can finish the most projects from their list of UFO’s. To participate, members must submit a list of their unfinished objects at the beginning of each calendar year.  Finished quilts can be checked off at the monthly meetings. The UFO coordinator keeps track of the lists and awards prizes at the end of the year.

Remember, this list will help you prepare for the quilt show! If all of our 160+ members commit to showing 2 quilts we will have close to 350 quilts without blinking! Normally, we show around 350 – 400 and we would be thrilled to make that easy for our show chair, Nancy Peters. Putting together a list of all your projects may help you concentrate on the two that would be perfect for the show!

Or, your UFO list can just be a way to organize yourself to getting the list accomplished! Here are the two formats:

UFO-Form-2018 in word format
UFO-Form-2018  in pdf format

  1. If you can open up a Word document, use the UFO Form.doc attachment.   All Word functions will work. You can save the file, print it, email it, etc..
  2. OR, If you do not have Word, use the UFO Form.pdf which will open in Adobe. It will work the best if you have Adobe XI. If you do not have this version, you can download it for free at adobe.com. You will be able to print this form and you should be able to save it for future use. (I say “should” because if you have a different version of Adobe or I did something wrong, it may not work!)

Either way, the main thing is to submit your list. If these formats do not work for you, please do NOT stress. Hand write your list, type it in whatever word processing software you have, or use these forms, just do what works best for you. Be sure to include your name, the name of the project, and date started – leaving room for completion date and size of project.

Once you have completed a form (again it doesn’t matter which one or your own) bring it to the next guild meeting and turn it in to Judy Hoffman. Forms will be due by the March meeting. If you cannot be at the February or March meeting , you can also mail the form to: Judy Hoffman, UFO Coordinator

Find Judy’s address in the membership list on the Member’s only page.