Fun Sew Days

Fun Sew Day!

The purpose of these events is to have a day where we can sew, and make new friends and get better acquainted with each other.  New members are especially welcome and I encourage you to sign up – even if you are interested and are not sure you can make it.  Talk to me at a Bits meeting or call me.  I will be happy to talk to you about it.

Pandemic meetings will be held on Zoom. Contact Chris to get an invitation. 

No project is assigned.  You can bring whatever you want to work on/need help with, etc.  Hand work is also welcome.

There are rules: The maximum # attending is 12.  This small group allows you the opportunity to visit and learn about each other.  If you have attended an event in the previous month you may not sign up for the next event – unless there is a wait list.  If you have signed up and cannot attend, please call me so that we can add a person from the wait list.

This is a bare bones event as follows:
Tables at fire department – provided (2 per table)  and you are welcome to bring your own small portable table if you wish.
Chairs at fire department – provided – again, you are welcome to bring your own
Extension cord – bring your own.  If you have a multi-outlet cord to share, that is helpful.
Sewing supplies – bring your own
Cutting mat/tools – I will supply a cutting mat and rulers.  If you need a specialty ruler, please bring your own.
Iron – I will bring an iron and an ironing mat.
Lunch/snacks/drinks – bring your own  NOTE – THERE IS NO REFRIGERATION AVAILABLE.

I will send out a reminder about a week before and at that time ask if there are members willing to bring an iron, ironing board or cutting mat they are willing to bring to share.  I have table risers that I will bring.

The Fun Sew Days currently scheduled are:
February 6,
March 6
April 3
May 1
June 5
Time is from 9:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.

Pandemic meetings will be held on Zoom. Contact Chris to get an invitation. 

I will have a signup sheet at each Bits ‘n Pieces meeting or you may call/text or email me. I encourage new members to come, join the fun, learn and share! And if you would like to just drop in to visit, you are welcome!

Chris Williams
cell:  314-452-5912