While the entire guild meets as a group once a month, members may also join mini-groups. These smaller groups are a great way to get better acquainted with their fellow guild members. Mini-groups may be interest based, location based or project based. Members who don’t find a mini-group to meet their specific need are welcome to organize their own mini-group and recruit members from the guild.

Current mini-groups are listed below. Click on the group name to find a schedule and information about joining.

  • A-Team 2018– Meets the 2nd Wednesday – Daytime. The A-Team is a group devoted to the art of applique.
  • Art Bits 2018 – Meet the 2nd Wednesday – Afternoon. The Art Bits focus on making art quilts.
  • The Company 2018 – Meets the 3rd Thursday – Daytime. The Company is a social group and holds monthly activities and outings of general interest to quilters.
  • Crazy Quilters 2018– Meets the 2nd Tuesday – Evening  The Crazy Quilters are a block exchange group.
  • Night Time Needlers 2018– Meets the 2nd Thursday – Evening.  Nighttime Needlers is for any guild member who wants to enjoy an evening of hand stitching and socializing.
  • Scraps 2018 – Meets the 2nd Monday – Daytime. This group focuses on charity quilts.
  • Southern Stitchers 2018 – Meets the 2nd Thursday – Evening.  Southern Stitchers is a block exchange group. Contact Lynn Dewitt for information.