Cover Our Kids

Louise Morris, Chair,  314-791-1208

As an on-going commitment to giving to our community, our guild provides quilts for many local organizations through a program called “Cover Our Kids.”  As a guild, we generally donate more than 225 quilts per year through this program.  The COK quilts go to Crisis Nursery (5 locations), Cardinal Glennon Medical Center, St Louis Children’s Hospital, Epworth Children and Family Services, as well as to the Mark Twain Nursing Home, the West County Care Nursing Home, and to Jefferson County for their nursing homes and elderly in need. Quilts are also donated to the Quilts of Valor project.

Read a newspaper article about the Cover our Kids program. Click here.
This article was published in West Magazine in the December 18, 2013 edition.

Announcing the Cover Our Kid’s Challenge for 2016

Let your imaginations soar! The quilt needs to have at least one representation of the guild’s logo, which can be done in solids, batiks, prints or whatever you like, in cool color tones. There can be more, as well–play with the concept.Cover Our Kids Quilt Challenge RulesLogo_BnP_Color cropped

The quilt should have at least one representation of the quilt’s logo. These can be done in whatever fabrics you like in cool color tones.
Recommended sizes are 36×36, 40×60 or 50x 70 (approximate)
They are due at the November meeting.
They are for kids so keep them colorful.
Above all, be creative, have fun and remember, there will be prizes awarded!

If you have any questions, please call Louise at 314-791-1208.
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Upcoming Cover our Kids Sew Days:
May 9
September 6
October 22
All will be held at the Salem Methodist Church from 9:00 to 4:00.

  • You may have noticed the colored ribbons on each COK kit bag at the meetings. It is a color coding tool to help members choose which task they would like to do: Piece, Quilt, Bind, etc.
  • GREEN – A complete kit ready to piece (includes backing, batting and binding).
  • RED – A partial kit. This may include some blocks that need to be pieced and may not include batting and backing.
  • YELLOW – A kit in process – kit needs additional pieces cut and added to kit.
  • BLUE – Ready to quilt.
  • ORANGE – Needs binding and washing and label.
  • PURPLE – Ready to be quilted small quilt for domestic machine. This color was recently added. These small quilts offer a great opportunity to practice machine quilting and improve your skills.

Sewing machine and all the basic sewing supplies you require
Thread in basic or neutral colors
Rotary cutter and rulers
Extension cord
Sack lunch & drink – there is a refrigerator available

Irons and ironing boards
Cutting mats
Design walls
Baked treats

I encourage new members as well as veterans to join in a day of sewing for our charity program. It is a great way to become acquainted with other members and share ideas, tips and techniques. You are welcome to bring your own project for COK or choose from the many kits COK offers. You can come a little late or leave a little early, whatever works for you. You can even participate for a few hours to just iron or cut , or pick up a kit to take home with you.

RSVP’s appreciated, but are not mandatory.

Donation Quilt Laundering Guidelines
All quilts made for donation need to be clean and free of possible allergens and irritants such as pet dander, smoke, and fragrances. With this in mind, wash completed quilts in cool water on gentle cycle using a small amount of mild soap or detergent. Tumble dry using low heat. Do not use any fabric softeners, liquid or sheets. This includes all baby, child, teen, young adult, elderly, and Quilts of Valor quilts.

Please attach a note using a safety pin and paper or a strip of painter’s tape indicating it’s WASHED or that it’s NOT WASHED — to each quilt. If you are unable to launder a quilt please turn it in anyway and just note such.
Thank you,
COK and More Committee

If donating a quilt top,  including the backing,  please make the backing  at least a total of both 6” wider and 6” longer to accommodate a variety of quilters and quilting methods. Likewise, if donating the batting as well, make it at least 5” wider and longer.